Instantaneous, Accurate, and Reliable

Integrated runway analysis and weight & balance data. 

Replaces outdated systems with a more streamline Cloud based setting.


Eliminates the need for guess work without comprimising safety.

The Flight Management screen serves as the central hub for the STAR systems. From here, the operator begins a flight by entering vital flight information, such as flight number, aircraft, flight date, and departure, arrival, and alternate airports. The operator can then move on to the dedicated Weight & Balance and Runway Analysis screens to enter the respective information and perform calculations. All of the critical results will be transferred back to the Flight Management screen, giving the operator a "snap shot" of all the necessary information needed to takeoff.

On the Runway Analysis screen, the STAR system produces maximum performance weights for actual atmospheric, runway, and aircraft systems conditions. By calculating for only one set of conditions, payload can be maximized without compromising safety. Maximum takeoff weights for different runways can be quickly compared, then the operator can select a specific runway to view other important data like power settings, V-speeds, stabilizer settings, and more.

The intuitive Weight & Balance screen enables the operator to quickly and accurately perform all the necessary calculations and ensures all loading limits are met. Takeoff weight, CG, and trim tab settings are instantly produced with supreme accuracy.

Updates are made available through either a monthly software download, or whenever internet connectivity is available.  ASAP can also send updates to the system via USB or other media types on a monthly basis if there is no internet connection available.  

ASAP’s STAR systems are iPad and PC compatible. The STAR system features flexible open architecture for seamless connection among other system software and database applications for quick, and easy transfer of informational updates. 


Provided by NOAA, ASAP incorporates real time weather reports from your departing airport, and arrival airport. Alternatively, the user can suppy their own weather information to match forecasted data or hypothetical testing.

Regulatory Compliant

ASAP services are customized to be compliant with your aviation governing body regulations.  Our STAR system for the electronic flight bag leads the way toward establishing a “paperless cockpit”, the next evolution of safety enhancements in the airline industry.

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