Runway Analysis

Maximum weights are calculated using exact atmospheric, runway, and aircraft system conditions, thus maximizing payload without compromising safety. The outputs of this analysis are fully customizable and can include V-speeds, takeoff and landing distances, and reduced power. Weather conditions are available from reported METARs and published forecasts.

Weight & Balance
By entering exact weight and balance information, STAR automatically verifies that all loading limits are met. The computerized calculation reduces conservatism, leading to increased payload and simplified loading operations. Trim tab settings are also computed automatically based on aircraft loading. Configuration of the Weight & Balance entry can be highly customized to your exact needs.



Instantaneous, Accurate, and Reliable


ASAP’s STAR product is an integrated, cloud-based system designed to streamline your flight operations using state-of-the-art technology.


STAR is available as both a web-based system and a native iPad app.


ASAP STAR seamlessly integrates the following:
•    Runway Analysis
•    Weight & Balance
•    Flight Planning
•    Driftdown

Benefits to Your Operation:
•   Dispatch faster by loading saved flights, copying previous flights, and/or saving template flights.
•    Increase payload and safety through exact condition calculations.
•    Extend engine life by using automatically reduced thrust calculations. 
•    Increase safety by viewing engine failure procedures in video form.
•    Reduce human error in weight & balance calculations.

Full Functionality Without Internet Connection

Flight Planning

ASAP can work with any flight planning provider to link flights in STAR to your flight plan. This allows for an automatic population of the fuel loading in STAR, reducing redundant data entry, and a seamless transition between systems. 

When linked with a flight plan, STAR provides enroute performance analysis to ensure safety for all phases of flight. STAR can provide emergency routing to diversion airports in the event of an engine failure anywhere on the route.

Always Up-To-Date

When the STAR app runs in connected mode, it automatically syncs with our servers, ensuring you have all the correct information all of the time. Updates like empty weight are therefore instantaneously distributed to all users. ASAP constantly monitors all worldwide airports for runway and obstacle changes. A snapshot of this airport database is captured every 28 days (1 AIRAC Cycle) for use without an internet connection. 

Regulatory Compliant

ASAP services are customized to be compliant with your aviation governing body regulations.  Our STAR system for the electronic flight bag leads the way toward establishing a “paperless cockpit”, the next evolution of safety enhancements in the airline industry.

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