Is STAR easy to use?
What type of training is required with STAR?
Will STAR integrate with my core operating system?
What hardware investments are required to run STAR?
How does the system load onto my iPad?
Can ASAP provide a complete package of hardware with the STAR program installed?
How can ASAP STAR help increase my operational revenue?
How does ASAP STAR help maximize payload?
How can ASAP STAR increase flight safety and support the needs of Safety Directors?
How does STAR support the needs of Chief Pilots, Directors, or VPs of Operations?
Why should Dispatch Managers be interested in STAR?
How does STAR support the role and needs of Pilots?
Why should Fleet Managers be interested in STAR and how can STAR help with Load Planners?


How often is your airport data updated?
How does ASAP handle NOTAMs?
What airport characteristics factor into your runway analysis data?
Is information for intersection departures available?
Can you provide runway analysis in kilograms?
How large/small are your customers’ operations?
Does ASAP maintain our OEW?
How do you assist with revision control regulations for paper manuals?
Your weight and balance substantiation reports are done with the working manifest and tables in the Adjusted Weight Method. What is the Adjusted Weight Method?
What revision cycle do you follow for runway analysis printed manuals?