Cecil Teets

President & CEO

Mr. Teets leads a team of experts in aviation engineering and operations that remains committed to offering airline clients the finest, most reliable and comprehensive runway analysis and weight/balance pre-flight data systems available anywhere. 

He formed ASAP after a varied career in aviation, which began with Trans World Airlines as a flight service manager, employee benefits specialist, and senior aircraft engineer, before moving to System One Airline Engineering Services as an aircraft performance engineer. Mr. Teets then worked as director of Product Development at Compuflight, Inc., where he built a new division concentrating on runway analysis and weight/balance services. 

Using the many different skills and experiences accumulated over the course of his career, Mr. Teets combined them all to build the service standards that exist today through ASAP. 

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, and has completed subsequent coursework with the Trans World Travel College, TWA Employee Benefits Training, Boeing Customer Support Training, and FAA Flight Training earning his Commercial License, and both instrument, and multi-engine ratings.

Nathan Sakal

Aircraft Performance Engineer

Mr. Sakal graduated at the top of his class from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. Specializing in systems and software engineering he has acquired some of the best education and experience possible to develop exceptional runway performance analysis.


While studying at the university Mr. Sakal had the privilege to conduct research studies on airfoils in wind tunnels, icing chambers, and vibrational and torsional situations. This experience has given him hands on experience for understanding flight dynamics, the effects of adverse weather conditions during flight, and max payload capabilities.


During his senior year acting as a Software Testing Team Lead, he was a critical member to help win a weather balloon competition, along with serving as a Technology Lead on proof of concept design for a manned orbital mission to Mars. He has also acquired a certification in AGI’s Systems Tool Kit software which allows for advanced flight path and orbital analysis.


His experience with safety critical mission design and overall broad understanding of complex systems is what helps ASAP develop safe and reliable solutions. Mr. Sakal’s main roles at ASAP involve user interface design, developing runway performance programs, and handling customer’s special requests.

Peter Edwards

Aircraft Performance Engineer

Mr. Edwards earned his Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach campus. His concentration areas in school included compressible aerodynamics, guidance, navigation and control systems and software development.


Prior to working for ASAP, Mr. Edwards was a key contributor to the aerodynamics team at United Launch Alliance. While there, he honed his aerodynamics knowledge and software development skills by leading the aerodynamic database development program for human spaceflight missions.


His main role here at ASAP includes maintaining and building runway performance programs as well as maintaining ASAP’s STAR iPad app. His robust and detail-oriented software development approach, combined with his engineering background, ensures that ASAP software produces accurate data, every time.

Brandon Gatica

Administrative Assistant/Airport Analyst

Mr. Gatica earned his spot on the ASAP team by learning roles and being able to keep up to date with occurrences. His passion for the aviation industry drew him to work here and become an important part of the team.

While in school he was trained with the most recent up-to-date modern technology and office procedures by the best teachers in the industry. He knows the ins and outs of how to make a successful business run smoothly and demonstrates it by maintaining an orderly and operating team.

His main role here at ASAP is maintaining airport data and making sure everything is running smoothly for both the customer and for the team.

Mr. Gatica’s experience and dedication to this team is an asset. He is continuing his studies to keep on being an important role on the ASAP team.