Cecil Teets

President & CEO

Mr. Teets leads a team of experts in aviation engineering and operations that remains committed to offering airline clients the finest, most reliable and comprehensive runway analysis and weight/balance pre-flight data systems available anywhere. 

He formed ASAP after a varied career in aviation, which began with Trans World Airlines as a flight service manager, employee benefits specialist, and senior aircraft engineer, before moving to System One Airline Engineering Services as an aircraft performance engineer. Mr. Teets then worked as director of Product Development at Compuflight, Inc., where he built a new division concentrating on runway analysis and weight/balance services. 

Using the many different skills and experiences accumulated over the course of his career, Mr. Teets combined them all to build the service standards that exist today through ASAP. 

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, and has completed subsequent coursework with the Trans World Travel College, TWA Employee Benefits Training, Boeing Customer Support Training, and FAA Flight Training earning his Commercial License, and both instrument, and multi-engine ratings.

Michael Wulff

Aircraft Performance Engineer

Mr. Wulff is a graduate of the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. He obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering and in Mechanical Engineering. 

His desire for understanding how different aspects of a mechanical system work together to create a desired result, as well as his aptitude with mathematics and science, were his main motivations for seeking a career in engineering. 

It's this desire that helps keep ASAP as an industry leader in innovation by using cutting edge technology to provide customers with the best experience possible. 

Mr. Wulff has applied his talents here at ASAP by focusing on developing new software programs that help to keep ASAP fresh and innovative. His contributions also include reviewing and creating turn procedures which gives the customer the most up to date information. He is a key member of a team that provides the subscriber with the safest performance data in the industry.

Andrew Wilhelm

Aircraft Performance Engineer

Mr. Wilhelm obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from West Virginia University. The areas of concentration during his education included guidance, navigation and control systems, as well as, overall aircraft design. 

In addition to coursework, Mr. Wilhelm took part in several group projects where he served as Propulsion Lead for the AIAA Design Build Fly Team and led a team of engineers in the theoretical design of a small business jet aircraft. 

His main role here at ASAP includes maintaining and building runway performance programs and creating one engine inoperative procedures for different aircraft. 

Mr. Wilhelm’s meticulous and innovative approach helps ASAP generate the most accurate performance data available and develop new methods to take the company into the future.