Managing NOTAMs (Notice to Air Men):

We offer a real-time function that provides the aircraft operator with the ability to both shorten runway lengths, and temporarily add mobile obstacles to accommodate changes in airport conditions. Saving both time and money.

Regulatory Compliant:

ASAP services are designed to be completely compliant with all regulatory authorities anywhere in the world.

What We Provide:


Aircraft takeoff and landing information, based on maximum gross weights and speeds, is calculated with data driven by specific runway characteristics and conditions. We can give aircraft operators the settings for the most efficient takeoffs between overhauls while prolonging the life of the engine.

Aircraft Coverage

We offer performance calculation services readily available on more than 250 aircraft
models/engine versions for both airline and business aircraft types as well as add complete performance data of new models upon request.

Airport Coverage:


We provide coverage for over 20,000 runway ends worldwide. Runway lengths, obstacle locations, elevations and other required data may be obtained through an internet connection. Our data provides up-to-date airport information designed to calculate exact takeoff and landing calculations.

Turn Procedures:

ASAP prints turn procedure flight instructions directly on the runway analysis data page, allowing for immediate and easy attainment of this critical information.  Animated, 3-D directions using Google Earth are also included with our PDF runway analysis manuals.

For more information on our turn procedure please click here: