Takeoff Procedure

Mountainous terrain and man-made obstacles make takeoff conditions more complex.  We provide emergency engine procedures in case of engine failure to keep your passengers and cargo safe while maximizing payload.  Our turn procedure specialists have the capability to create custom turns, providing for the exact needs of the specific airline operation.  These customized turns may result in reduced fuel burn and subsequent cost savings. Our customized turn procedures also allow access to airports previously unavailable for some operations due to terrain limitations.

Planning For Takeoff Obstacle Clearance

 This video reviews the part 25 takeoff performance certification rules applicable to one-engine-inoperative (OEI) takeoff climb performance and obstacle clearance. The video addresses the OEI takeoff obstacle clearance rules applicable to part 121 and part 135 operators of turbine-powered airplanes and the FAA-approved means by which an operator ensures compliance with these rules. It compares these rules to the all-engines-operating IFR takeoff requirements applied to Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Obstacle Departure Procedures (ODPs).