Our Mission

ASAP was founded in 1995 to provide aircraft operators with efficient aircraft performance engineering services. Focused on takeoff/landing and weight & balance performance, the company became the leading provider of these services.  

ASAP’s expert engineers developed systems to provide data to efficiently operate each aircraft at its maximum capabilities. After years of improving the systems, ASAP decided that the most effective method was to integrate weight & balance along with takeoff & landing performance. This integration maximizes revenue potential for each flight, reduces costs wherever possible, enhances overall safety, and much, much more. 

ASAP set out to assist all types of operators with modern computer-generated analysis that encompassed all airport characteristics, obstacle datasets, airplane takeoff and landing configurations along with pertinent MEL’s and CDL’s. ASAP offers the tools for your staff that will reduce expenses, and thereby increase profits.

Since 1995, ASAP has provided operational data services to over 110 major corporate and regional airlines worldwide.


We want to help your company be as cost efficient as possible. Our services allow for maximum payload with our exact data calculations of the aircraft performance, runway characteristics, and weather conditions. Instantaneous updates allow for faster turn times and increased profits. Contact us so we can make your company soar!